⚠️Spray tans and sunburns do not mix! If you have suffered a sunburn within weeks or days of your up coming appointment you should reschedule or cancel, your results may not be favorable! 


Preferably the night before, shower, shave and exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. Do not use Dove products containing micro cleansing beads or in shower moisturizers! Pay attention to rough skin areas like knees, elbows, and feet.Make sure to thoroughly rinse your back and shoulders of shampoo and conditioner.  Pedicures, waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, hair color, massages and any other beauty services should be done before the day of your spray tan!


The Day of your spray,  do not apply any lotion, oil or perfume to your skin. These products can act as a barrier and can prevent the spray tan solution from properly absorbing into your skin. Use deodorant sparingly or if possible none at all. Do not shower and shave right before your appointment! Showering too close to your appointment time (allow at least 4 hours) can alter the ph of your skin which can negatively affect the development of your spray tan. Dark loose clothing is suggested the day of your spray. 


   ⛔️Minors and men must wear bottoms⛔️


⭐️Please be aware of the weather on the day of your appointment, in case inclement weather ie, rain and snow PLEASE bring an umbrella, hoodie or clothing and footwear that can protect your tan from spotting and streaking. I will provide an after care card, proper after care will result in a healthy long lasting result! 

Prior to your appointment

When should I shower, shave and exfoliate?

Shower, Shave, & Exfoliate before your spray tan appointment.

When exfoliating your skin, use an exfoliant specifically designed to prepare your skin for the sunless application. This will ensure that all oils and dead skin cells are removed from the body and enhances the spray tan results.

Is there a special body wash I should use?

Do Not use body wash that has a lot of fragrance; it will act like a barrier and not allow the spray tan to adhere to the body evenly. Also do not use any exfoliator with any oils in it as this will cause the spray tan to drip off your skin due to excessive oils on your skin.

What if I've spray-tanned recently or used self-tanner?

Make sure all signs of DHA are completely removed from your skin if you have spray tanned before or used a self-tanner.

Can I use deodorant, make-up, oils, body spray or perfume?

Do not put on any deodorant, make-up, oils, body spray, or perfume on your skin the day of your spray tan. If you do have any deodorant or make up on be sure to remove it prior to your appointment.

What if my skin is dry?

If your skin is dry, use a moisturizing lotion so the solution will adhere to your skin more evenly (avoid lotion with perfumes or fragrance). Examples of good lotions to use before your spray tan: Jergens, Eucerin, Suave, etc..

What if I need a manicure or a pedicure?

If you need to get a pedicure or manicure make sure you do so atleast one day before your spray tan.

How long do I need to wait to spray tan after getting a wax?

If you wax make sure you do it a minimum of 48 hours before your spray tan.

During your appointment

What should I wear to my spray tan appointment?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you choose to wear a bra and/or underwear make sure they are dark-colored. You can tan nude as well. We do provide sticky feet and disposable G-strings during spray tanning session.

How should I have my hair?

Make sure all hair is away from face and up off your neck. We do provide hair nets during your spray tanning session.

Should I use a PH balancing spray?

Ask your spray tan technician for a PH balancing spray to remove any oils or dirt on your skin.

Can I touch my skin after my spray tan?

Do not touch your skin after the spray tan and follow all directions from the spray tan technician.

Ask me about ways you can pro-long your tan with our after care products.

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Super happy with my results! I never thought I could have a beautiful, natural looking tan as a redhead, but I get one everytime! I'm obsessed now!

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Love this place!! So clean and sanitary. I have been to other tanning places and in comparison Newport Glow seems like a doctors office (so clean!). The service does NOT feel rushed & I always leave feeling like every detail of my tan was taken care of. I am never orange and results are instant. Every time I check my post spray “tan lines” I am blown away.

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